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Like in any occupation, all professionals are not considered equal. Whether we’re talking about laser technicians, electrologists, physicians, lawyers, hair stylists, contractors etc., most of us would be in agreement that you can receive various results and degrees of satisfaction from a rather wide range of professionals in a given category.  When perusing electrolysis, it’s extremely critical to choose the most skilled and competent professional.  Typically the most common areas and topics of concern I prefer to address in an electrolysis consultation are sensation, time frame, side effects and post care. 

It’s important to realize that sensation in any one area varies considerably from one individual to the next. Although electrolysis is unlikely to be a sensation that one would look forward to, it certainly should be expected that one should be able to tolerate the sensation present during the treatment. For those who are more hyper-sensitive, I am very knowledgeable in a variety of holistic intervention options that marginalizes any potential discomfort during the treatment.  During a treatment, it’s important to know that you should not be feeling the insertion of the probe entering the hair’s follicle. Nor should you feel the sensation of the hair being plucked from the hair follicle. If you feel the hair being tweezed this would translate to less efficacy in the way of results. 

Time Frame
In the early stages of treatment most clients are best served by weekly visits.  When there is no longer enough hair present on a weekly basis that is when you are advised to switch to a bi-weekly schedule then to a tri-weekly schedule and so on. The schedule varies from individual to individual. Depending on the amount of hair growth involved that needs to be removed determines how long your visit is each week. Before you start skipping weeks, it’s advisable for clients to choose to stay on a weekly schedule if they wish to start treatment in another area.

Side Effects 
Any side effects from treatments should be temporary. Like when a physician prescribes a medication for treatment there is no way of knowing prior to taking the medication what side effects may or may not occur from taking the medication. Without a crystal ball the same applies to electrolysis. Some people get temporary side effects from electrolysis, however, most don’t.  Depending on if you have allergens to metals, have highly sensitive skin, have pre existing irritation from a previous  hair removal process, or require a stronger current settings in order to be affective can all invite temporary side effects. Some of the more common but very temporary side effects are white heads pustules, blind head pimples, temporary edema (swelling), temporary erythema (redness) or a melanocyte activity increase (hyper pigmentation).

Post Care
The best post care for many of these temporary side effects begins with icing down the treated area for 20 to 30 minutes. This step alone grossly discourages any side effects. In addition a specific supplement taken prophylactically on a daily basis can tremendously benefit collagen and tissue health and offer a considerable benefit in how your skin reacts to the treatment. There are topical products that have impressive results in assisting clients who have hypersensitive skin. They are well worth the modest investment for post care healing benefits that aide nicely in prohibiting skin irritation.


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