Hair Removal 
Since the option of laser hair removal has arrived, it has caused considerable uncertainty as to which method one should pursue when desiring to permanently remove unwanted hair.

It’s only natural that laser hair removal, a process that requires less commitment in time and effort would appeal to many people. However there are still some things in life to which the old fashioned way is still the best way. Just because something is new or the latest does not automatically qualify it as being superior or most effective. This is not to imply that laser doesn’t have its place. What’s important to understand is where and when laser hair removal will at best offer a benefit of considerable hair reduction. 

Laser hair removal has the most likelihood of success on very non-pigmented skin with very dark, coarse, condensed hair growth.  For example, the kind of hair growth that typically grows in the pubic and axillar (under arm) area. This is because the laser light is attracted to the darkness of the pigment of both the hair and skin, thus causing a thermal heat reaction.  Because the laser light is attracted to pigment of both hair and skin, it’s not safe to use on non light skin. This would cause the laser light to heat up your skin and could result in a significant burn. If there is not significant pigment in the color and texture of the hair, the laser light won’t heat up enough to result in hair reduction. Clearly, the more hair pigment the better the results. That’s why the first few laser visits are the most successful and each subsequent visit results in less hair reduction because there is less pigment to cause the necessary thermal (heat) effect.   In many instances, you are purchasing hair reduction treatment with the risk that you won’t achieve total satisfaction in permanently eliminating all your unwanted hair. In fact, sometimes when laser hair removal is performed on the sides of the face, the opposite effect takes place. Rather than a reduction in hair growth there can be stimulation, resulting in even more hair growth.  Again, it’s important to reiterate that laser hair removal is not recognized by the FDA as a form of permanent hair removal. 

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